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IJN Akizuki (Destroyer)

IJN Akizuki (Destroyer)
Original image dimensions: 967 x 289px
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IJN Akizuki (Destroyer)

Category Ships
ID Destroyers (Japan)
Date added June 11th, 2010
Width x height 967 x 289 px
Hits 2895 (1.1 / day)
Source Dr Dan Saranga

Rating: 10.00 (2 Votes)


earlyhemibill    4 years ago
Avatar I am currently building the Akizuki in 1/72nd scale at about 73". A beautiful ship, I used the Nichimo 1/200 kit as a guide to make the plans and other sources such as the Grand Prix book from Japan. Although not finished, I have already sailed it R/C. Hope to finish it this year. Have already made a hull plug for the Fubuki class hull at about 63" and the Mutsuki class at about 58". Plan to sell fiberglass hulls. Perhaps the Amagiri chasing the Revell PT-109 around a pond would make for an interesting video on Youtube. Interesting note about the Akizuki. It had a reputation for being very good at anti-aircraft capability. It was credited with shooting down 13 American aircraft in one battle and our guys were advised to steer clear of her. Sighting a spread of torpedoes headed for a carrier, her captain ordered her to steer into the torpedoes and take the hits in order to save the carrier.
jamessavik    5 years ago
Avatar I was wrong- Akitsuki class destroyers were new construction that began arriving in 1942. They were oriented toward being fast escorts for heavy ships and were balanced with an anti-aircraft heavy armament.
jamessavik    5 years ago
Avatar Akitzuki was a one of a kind prototype. She had gas fired boilers and special turbines that gave her a top end speed of over 40 knots. She was designed to be a fast escort for aircraft carriers but her fast firing dual purpose main armament made her a formidable surface combatant.
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IJN Akizuki (Destroyer)