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Walther PPK

Walther PPK
Original image dimensions: 2500 x 1354px
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Walther PPK

Category Weapons
ID Pistols
Date added November 10th, 2008
Width x height 2500 x 1354 px
Hits 61578 (19 / day)
Source Dr Dan Saranga

Rating: 8.98 (44 Votes)
Walther PPK


SgtBurned    6 years ago
Avatar The-Blueprints.com If you need any help with making some Blueprints, I can possibly make some in my Spare Time ( 5 Days a Week ) :D Just email me at SgtBurned@live.co.uk
sxltnolan    6 years ago
Avatar Amazing blueprint I love you guys!
Saucy_Cinna    6 years ago
Avatar Why aren't most blueprints of guns like this? the side views are usually low quality and I have a better chance getting a better pic in google images. And thank you for this blueprint that i can work out of.
massam    6 years ago
Avatar some people are too picky and want it all. you guys do a fantastic job and some of the people who complain should actually think where would they be if this fantastic site wasn't here keep up the good work guys
The-Blueprints.com (SITE ADMIN)    6 years ago
Avatar I don't get some of you guys: when I put up these huge photo references then you complain that they're not blueprints. When I put up blueprints, then there are complaints that they're too small, or not enough projections.

I start wondering what I am doing it for. :(
Stephane Lafleur    7 years ago
Avatar i would use this for 3d modeling of this gun 999 out of a thousand times over a real blueprint that's 300x400 pixels and the one time would be because i hit the wrong button ;)
footthumb    8 years ago
Avatar this is how everyone of the gun blueprints should be. I can't believe how useless most of the stuff, but this is top notch.
Paul Anderson    8 years ago
Avatar This is more of a photograph cut out of a magazine and not a blue print. Ablue print could possibly be made from this but still not one.
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Walther PPK