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M16 Rifle

M16 Rifle
Original image dimensions: 1192 x 266px
Horizontal line

M16 Rifle

Date addedMay 26th, 2006
Width x height1192 x 266 px
Hits52532 (15.5 / day)
Source Dr Dan Saranga Sent in by Dr Dan Saranga
Rating: 3.07 (28 Votes)
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M16 Rifle
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Comments Comments

nigdeli    4 years ago
Avatar placeholder thank you for bp
Cosho    5 years ago
Avatar placeholder This has to be a joke, these are no blueprints! Do you know what blueprints are?!
SpartanGuns7    5 years ago
Avatar placeholder It's a great simple image to start a look-alike M16 model, not the most detailed but that leaves more room for you to add your own details.
mikeyber    6 years ago
Avatar placeholder what the EFF is this S..T?
The-Blueprints.com (SITE ADMIN)    6 years ago
@jebko: So you're looking at an M16 Rifle, complain about it and then tell me you are looking for something completely different. Useful!

If I would offer the actual technical drawings with all the specifications, dimensions and exploded views, then all the images would be at least ten EURO each. No-one gives detailed information like that away, for free.

And no I didn't draw it; the things I have drawn can be found in the Vector Drawings section.
qwerty57    6 years ago
Avatar placeholder did u draw that on paint? thats terrible, no offence. i tryed 2 ost my ak 74 paint drawing but it woudnt
jebko    7 years ago
Avatar placeholder Sorry Onno...this is not what I'm looking for. A picture is not a 'blueprint'. A blueprint has specifications, detail drawings showing dimensions; exploded views etc. And what I'm looking for are details on the K98 Mauser rifle. So Onno this is a "Oh No!"
The-Blueprints.com (SITE ADMIN)    7 years ago
Where do I claim that?

And what is your problem exactly? I offer a completely free service that is provided 'as is', and you still moan?
You'd probably complain if you win the lottery, that you didn't win enough.

Get over it, get a life and start being a little bit more constructive than bitching on the internet, because it is getting old.
singlecedar    7 years ago
Avatar placeholder You claimed to have a d***** blueprint. I ain't seen sh** that looked like a blueprint. Either get an education, or quite f***** around. By the way, the email registration is bullsh** too.
The-Blueprints.com (SITE ADMIN)    7 years ago
In what sense?

It's an image, nothing more, nothing less. I didn't claim to have anything else. :)
Osprey    7 years ago
Avatar placeholder Is this a joke?
sarp_dikcan    8 years ago
Avatar placeholder good...very good machıne
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M16 Rifle




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