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This page is only available in english.
  • How do I become a register member?
  • All you have to do is fill out this form (takes less than a minute, I promise!) and you are good to go!

    This membership is completely free of any costs.
  • How do I become a Premium Member, and what do I get when I become one?
  • To become a Premium Member you first have to be a registed member, and then you can purchase it in the Shop.
    It is a one time $7.50 fee, that lasts a lifetime! :)

    The Premium Membership gives you the following additional features:
     * See all future updates, before they are published
     * Thumbnail blueprint list views
     * Sort blueprints by popularity
     * No banners or advertisements!


Buying products and your purchases

  • Do I have to be registered to buy any products from the Shop?
  • Yes; this way we can make sure that all the products you buy will always be available to you at a later time.
  • What methods of payment does The-Blueprints.com offer?
  • At the moments all payments go through PayPal; so you either need to have a working PayPal account, or a credit card. PayPal offers you to pay with a regular credit card without having PayPal account.

    Choose the link below 'No PayPal account?' on the PayPal page, after clicking the 'Buy Now' button in the Shop, and you'll be able to pay with any credit card.
  • Where can I find the products that I have bought?
  • Any product that you have bought can be found, and download from the 'Your Purchases' page in the Shop.
  • Can I re-distribute the 3d models and products purchased from The-Blueprints.com?
  • No. Any product or item from The-Blueprints.com cannot be re-distributed in any way, unless permission is granted from us.

Your shop

  • Do I have to be registered to add my products to the Shop?
  • Yes, we do not allow anonymous adding of product to the Shop. This is done to guarantee a high standard of quality.
  • What is the royalty rate? or How much will I make on each 3d model I sell?
  • You get 65% of each product that you sell. So if you sold one of your 3D models for $100, you get $65.
  • What methods of royalty payment does The-Blueprints.com offer?
  • At the moments all payments go through PayPal; so you need to have a working PayPal account if you want to receive your royalty payments. All funds are sent in US Dollars.

    You can set your PayPal information in your Profile & Settings » Payment Information tab.
  • Is there any cost attached to selling my product on The-Blueprints.com?
  • There is no cost, other than the 35% commission that we take on each sale. This covers our administration, hosting, developing, and support costs.
  • How do I add my product to the Shop?
  • We wrote an extensive tutorial, that describes how to add a product to the Shop. You can see it here.
  • How do I delete my product from the Shop?
  • You can either set the Price to 0.00 in the Product Details, if you just don't want the product to show up in the Shop anymore.
    Or you can permanently delete it, by going to the Product overview, and clicking the delete button (Delete) next to the product.
  • What kind of products can I sell?
  • You can sell anything related to any 3D program (3D Max, Lightwave, Maya, SoftImage, AutoCAD, etc., really any 3D program): 3D models, textures, scripts, plugins, etc.
  • Will any of my products be refused?
  • Would any of the products that you add to the store violate any of the terms of use, or is not up to par with the standard that we are trying to keep, then we reserve the right to remove it, without warning.

Shop affiliate program

  • How do I become part of the Affiliate Program?
  • 1. Make sure you are a registered member and logged in. If you are not registered yet, go here.
    2. Then read this tutorial on how the program works, and start making money right away!
  • What is the commission rate for the The-Blueprints.com Shop Affiliate Program?
  • The commission rate for our program is 20%.
  • How long will I get a commission after I have sent a user to your website via an affiliate link?
  • The cookie that tracks the user, will stay active for two months.




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