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Bell 206

Bell 206

Bell 206

Category Helicopters
ID Bell
Date added -
Width x height 381 x 205 px
Hits 6415 (0.4 / day)
Source Army Reco

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Bell 206B3


rhayashi    7 years ago
Avatar My contact
Renato Hayashi
55 11 8923 2278
São Paulo - Brazil
rhayashi    7 years ago
Avatar Dear Dominic. I'm making plans to adapt the Bell 206 in my RC heli Hirobo .30. Soon I think I will have available the drawings of the sections and their respective positions on the fuselage. Soon I will make available for dowload in pdf.
Dominic Ryan    10 years ago
Avatar Hello

Bell 206 jet ranger

Would appreciate if some kind person could assist me in having the CROSS SECTIONAL AREA's or Cutaways of this Rotorcraft. The 3 view alone are not adaquate enough. I am required to build an accurate scale model, if any one has any info or material that could help me in any way i would be most gratefull.

Dominic Ryan
Western Australia
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Bell 206