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IAR-317 Airfox

IAR-317 Airfox
Original image dimensions: 671 x 742px
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IAR-317 Airfox

Category Helicopters
ID Helicopters H-M
Date added July 13th, 2017
Width x height 671 x 742 px
Hits 249 (3.3 / day)
Source Dr Dan Saranga

Rating: 4.00 (2 Votes)


T45A    2 weeks ago
Avatar This is not the Romanian IAR-317 Airfox. It is the South African Alpha XH-1. Notable differences: IAR-317 has tricycle landing gear, no stepped cockpit, fully exposed engine, Alouette III type tailguard, pointed nose and smaller endplates on the horizontal stabilisers. The XH-1, shown here, has taildragger landing gear, a partially shrouded engine, aan obviously stepped cockpit, rounded nose, no stub wings for weapons, large downward-pointing endplates on the horizontal stabilisers and a large vertical stabiliser at the end of the tailboom.
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IAR-317 Airfox