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M1025 Humvee Weapon Carrier

M1025 Humvee Weapon Carrier
Original image dimensions: 688 x 808px
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M1025 Humvee Weapon Carrier

Category Tanks
ID Tanks M
Date added October 15th, 2007
Width x height 688 x 808 px
Hits 9318 (2.5 / day)
Source Dr Dan Saranga

Rating: 6.50 (2 Votes)


nailchewer    9 years ago
Avatar Funny, I've used photos many times to get accurate dimensions and relative sizes. I'll add these 'pictures' with the others I already have.
The-Blueprints.com (SITE ADMIN)    9 years ago
Avatar This website shows orthagonal drawings which, especially for 3D modeling, are extremely useful. Whereas a regular photo doesn't help that much when getting the dimensions and relative sizes correctly.

In the 3D world these orthagonal drawings, 3-view, 4-view, 5-view drawings, and templates are mostly known under the name 'blueprints', hence the name of the website and nomenclature.

Actual blueprints of cars, tanks, ships or whatever are much, much rarer to find and are usually not free of charge. That's why only a small percentage of the collection are actual blueprints.
But then again, I don't charge you any money to browse the image and download them.

As said in the information page: it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps you were disappointed that the website was not what you thought it would be. But what you thought it was, I never claimed it to be.
nailchewer    9 years ago
Avatar Sorry, but as far as I know, a blueprint contains more details than what is shown here or anywhere on this site. If someone wanted to build a scaled version of this vehicle, this site shows little more than what you could find in a picture of the actual vehicle. If I am wrong, and am not looking in the right area, please feel free to correct me.

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M1025 Humvee Weapon Carrier