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How do I become part of the Affiliate Program?

All you have to do is create a link from your website to ours, with a specific code in the URL.

Because you are not logged in at the moment, the Affiliate Links are only an example! When you are logged in, the actual links with the right user id is shown!

For example, say that you used to link to our BMW cars section (one of the most popular sections of the website) in the following manner:

Then all you have to change for it to become an affiliate link is this:

What you have to add at the end is the 'bp-aff-1' part, and this goes for any link.
would become

would become

And you can link to any page you want: one of the individual blueprints, the cars section or any product in the Shop. Horizontal line When you have done that, and the specific user goes to our Shop and buys anything, you get a percentage of that sale!

So imagine User X coming from your website to ours via an affiliate link, and buys two 3D models, Model A and Model B, each costing $100; that means the total sale was worth $200, and you get 20% of that, which equals $40!

But that is not all, because if that same user comes back within two months and buys more 3D models, or a Premium Membership, or anything at all, you'll still get your 20% cut.