Setting up blueprints in Blender (2011)

Okay. First of all you need to choose an image of the blueprints. My image is Opel Corsa B 5 Door 1994.

Let's open Blender 2.5x (my version is 2.56) and hit 'N', scroll down and check 'Background image'.Click 'Add Image', then click the small white arrow and choose 'Open'. Browse your picture.

Hit 'Numpad 5' to switch to orthogonal view. To split the screen grab the bottom left corner and move it to the right position.

To hide the panels just tap 'T' and 'N'. You can split area vertical and horizontal too. Lets split the area for four.
You need to set the right position with the 'Offset' arrows.
Good luck and have fun.

Áron Csatlós