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Request: Renault UE 2 1939

Date 2018/01/06
by luckygriffin
Notes Hi my name is Luke griffin and me and my boyfriend have decided to take on the challenge of building a wooden tank for cosplay and we found the ue57 but I can’t find any blueprints for it so I found the tank it was based on the ue2 and I was wondering if I would please be aloud the vector blueprint as it would greatly help us to get this tank right and do it justic it deserves as I have been contact with bobantin tank museum here in Devon England and they do not have s ue2 or ue57 or even the blueprint. Thank you for your time and have s good day
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  1. luckygriffin
  2. polandek
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This request has been created from this blueprint:

Renault UE 2 1939